Windows XP stopped detecting camcorder via 1394 Firewire

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I've used a JVC DV camcorder successfully with Pinnacle
Studio, capturing digital via over a 1394 Firewire.
OS is Win XP, Pentium 4, 2.8GHz, 512 Mb RAM.
I last transferred video successfully in Nov 03; when I
tried to transfer my latest tape in March 04, neither
Pinnacle Studio nor Windows Moviemaker can detect the
I returned to camcorder to JVC, assuming that it had
developed a hardware fault, but they claim it functioned
perfectly, and was recognized by a Firewire under XP.
I've seen other reports of similar problems (i.e. it used
to work and now it doesn't), but most posts seem to be
about initial problems with a new camcorder.
Anyone aware of a MS update/SP/or other download, that's
knackered the embedded IEEE driver in XP?
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    Hi Steve
    I have the same problem (Windows XP Prof., Canon Elura, Abit IC7-G mobo with Texas Instrument IEEE 1394 conttroller on the motherboard). There is no problem with the camcorder, firewirer cable: checked on another computers. Seems like there is a problem with Windows. No help fro Microsoft. Please post help if you find a solution.
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    I to have the same, problem. I found out that it worked
    previously and now it doesn't if you goto watch DV avi
    files that are already saved on the computer they wont
    play. you get some error in windows media player. Thats
    what i get anyway.
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    Hi there
    I have a similar problem. I have a SONY DV TRV12E and my PC(XP) wont recognize it. It works fine with the USB connection but not trough firewire. I have tried everything. An old JVC camera works fine on the computer and my SONY works fine on an old computer(ME)!!! but not with XP. Strange, right? It seems as if My DV needs driver to work through firewire. Really hope you can help.
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    Similar problem. I have a Sony TRV325E that cannot be detected when connected via IEEE 1394. I 've checked it with other computers running win98 or winXP-SP1 and everything was fine. Sony technical support people said that Service Pack 2 is the cause of the problem. I think I have to revert to SP1.
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