Cannot boot into windows 7 (Weird HDD Problem)

Hi guys,

Last night when working my pc suddenly slowed down, so i restarted it but then it didn't boot to windows.
I have 2 x 1 TB WD caviar green and 1 is 320 GB WD caviar Blue.

After disconnecting one of my 1 TB(A) drive and 1 TB(B) drive still connected, my pc booted to windows. Please note that windows is installed on 1 TB(B) Drive.
But if both of the drives 1 TB(A) and (B) were connected at the same time then windows won't start, it would just get stuck after loading screen of windows.

I tried different sata port connection and different cables on my asus P6T deluxe v2 motherboard but all in vain.
BIOS shows all of my drives...

But post BIOS check it shows that "SATA PORT2 device error"....

So I came to conclusion that 1 TB(A) has got broken....

Then i booted up in MAC OS X, which is installed on 320 GB. VOILA!!! It worked. But the transfer speed has now become 1-2 mbps which was around 40-45 mbps before on MAC OS.

There's an important data in that drive....

How can i get it working on windows?

Help me guys.....

System configuration
Asus P6T Deluxe V2
Corsair 6 x 2 GB 1600 Mhz Ram
2 x 1 TB and 320 GB HDD
GTX 480
GTX 260
Corsair TX850w
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  1. try booting into a linux OS and see what you can copy, sounds like you may have to send it for professional recovery though.

    See if you can find a bootable HDD diagnostics program. Afraid I don't know any but I'm sure someone can help you out.
  2. I would use something similar to ghost or clonezilla and get an image of the drive, then replace it.
  3. Update: It booted in windows after waiting for 1 hour post windows loading screen, but it has become too slow.
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