I am intending to buy or build a computer. I was wondering which is better and why for video/photo editing and gaming. a TFT panel or a crt monitor?
I would aim to get a 15" tft or 17" crt.
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  1. I think a CRT would be good and also more economical for your purposes.

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  2. Well actually, teh new Compaq TFT5030 w/ a 20ms response time and 400:1 contrast ratioo looks very nice. Very cheap also (640$ on their website). Also teh Eizo L371 is great. Personally, I'd go w/ a TFT, as they are much better for your eyes (they don't refresh), and also many other factors (lower radiation, less excessive light, etc.). When these add up, they will allow u to stay in front of monitor longer, and w/ lesser damage to your eyes. The LCD does as much damage to teh eyes as a book w/ great lighting. A CRT on teh other hand causes much more eye strain, not to mention the power u save w/ TFT. Go with teh TFT, you'll be happier. The 2 models mentioned above are the best of the best. The L371 from Eizo is around $800-900 lats time I checked, and teh Compaq TFT5030 is $640. I will be buying a TFT5030 on Friday (was going to go for L371, went to came, and voila, the Compaq came out, and with better specs and better price, I will be going for it).

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