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Is there any way to record audio from dvds to my hard
disk on XP?
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    Sure, lots of ways...

    The simplest method is to connect the audio-output jacks from a standalone
    DVD player, to the line-Input of your soundcard. This will allow you to
    record to your HDD using virtually any 3rd party audio recording software
    you might have available.

    If your existing soundcard drivers allow for the selection of a recording
    input source called "What You Hear" or "Stereo Mix", something along those
    lines, then you can generally record live audio, while it is being produced
    from within another application, such as WMP9. Thus, while playing or
    viewing a DVD in WMP9, for example, it is possible to simultaneously record
    the audio portion using recording software set to record from "What You
    Hear" or "Stereo Mix".

    Free Audio Recording software:

    To Extract Audio directly from a DVD, using a self contained DVD drive on
    your computer, gets slightly more complicated and generally requires a
    variety of 3rd party tools. There are many sites available on the internet
    that deal with those methods;


    "mpg" <> wrote in message
    > Is there any way to record audio from dvds to my hard
    > disk on XP?
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