Windows 7 hdtv video streaming is jumpy

I'm trying to use Windows 7 Media Center to watch HDTV on a 24" HDTV monitor. I have a Haupage tuner from Best Buy that has two cable inputs: one from my cable company which is not HD. The other is a rabbit ear which delivers excellent HD.

When I use Media Center to stream TV, the sound is perfect, but the video does one of 2 things: 1) it has a time lag so that the sound precedes the video by a portion of a second, OR 2) using HD, the picture and sound are perfect except that about every 2 seconds the picture stops for a moment then "refreshes",

When we use WinTV, which was downloaded with the Haupage card, the sound / pic issue is mostly resolved...however, that doesn't let us record and watch TV
However, this leads me to believe that it is not an issue with refresh rate of the monitor (currently the refresh rate is set at 60, its only option) ps we are using an Alsus? lcd monitor.

When we used a smaller monitor, this time lag problem went away. Similarly, if we watch in a small window instead of fullscreen, the problem is resolved
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  1. What is your system specs, especially the video card and RAM. I suspect your video card is a low end one that can't decode HD well, or you are lacking RAM. Could maybe possibly be your hard-drive is at fault but that's not very likely.
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