Connecting my computer to my hdtv

what caple do i use to connect my
computer to my hdtv?
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  1. How to Connect a PC to an HDTV

    1. Start out simple. There are several ways to accomplish this connection, the easiest being with a standard S-Video cable. If your PC and HDTV can connect this way, you'll save time and frustration.

    2. Find the output connection on the back of your PC. Plug the S-Video cable into the output connection of the video card.

    3. Find the input connection on the back of your HDTV. Plug the S-Video cable into the input connection.

    4. Get a much higher quality picture with a DVI connection. DVI provides a very high-quality signal, so your picture will be much cleaner.

    5. Look for the DVI connection on the back of your PC. Find the DVI connection, sometimes called an HDMI connection, on your HDTV. Connect them with the appropriate cable.

    6. Check your manual if the image does not appear correctly. This is most likely caused by a difference in resolution. Unfortunately, computer makers and HDTV makers do not use the same guidelines. Your PC and your HDTV might have different resolutions.

    7. Use a VGA or DVI component to connect your HDTV to your PC. Check your owner's manual to see which type of adapter you will need. Your PC most likely has DVI and your HDTV has HDMI, so an adapter is needed to get the signal from one to the other intact.

    8. Check to make sure your PC and HDTV have compatible resolutions again if you're using DVI to HDMI. If they don't, you'll need to get a handy software package called Powerstrip.

    9. Install Powerstrip and configure the resolutions so that the image will appear on your HDTV screen properly.

    10. Buy a video card or VGA-to-component converter when it is required.

    I hope this helps!

    Brett M,
    Windows Outreach Team
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