error: 0xCOOD1167 COPYRIGHT PROTECTION - Please Help!

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Hello there, I am currently having the same problem, with the film 'Kill Bill' (pt1) and 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'. The exact same message appears, when trying to play DVD's through windows media player. Have you managed to find a solution? I am wondering if I need to buy some software such as video decoder, so far I have found it priced at $14.95, although I thought, I had already spent enough on the dvd player, do I really need to purchase this as well, and what if this doesn't solve the problem? More money down the drain......
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    Yes, I did it. I bought powerdvd and guess what.........I still have the same problem. same code and again same 'copyright protection'. Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this, please.....................................
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