Boot problem!

Got a little situation here and hoping that some of you may be able to help out :)
I run on an old 08/09 Macbook pro version 10.6.8.

Problem: Everytime I try to connect my HDD, computer locks up, freezes, won't start up properly (I have only tried this once, I don't want to repeat). After 12+ hours it restarts normally (most of the time). The same problem (outlined below) has occurred a few times after the fact. Now it seems alright.

Event: I have a 1 terabyte HDD (I cannot remember the product, will update when I have it beside me) which I had connected the other night, but it froze. I couldn't eject it, I couldn't stop frozen file transfers, etc. I tried forcequit option, but that didn't fix it. I tried force quitting the finder.
That also didn't work, so I had to force shutdown.

When I booted, the computer wouldn't get past the transition screen between loading (white screen, apple logo, and the cog) and the log-in. For anyone who doesn't use a mac, it is just a solid blue screen, but not the windows blue screen.
4/5 restarts would bring me to this screen, and the computer would just feeze here. On the 5th, it would boot up to login, but the keyboard wouldn't work.

Is there anything I can do to fix this, and is my HDD salvageable?

If anyone needs additional information, ask and I'll post.

Thanks gang :)
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  1. Do you have another computer on which you can test the hard drive? It sounds like the drive might just be toast but this would be a good way to diagnose where the problem is.
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