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I have tried to upgrade my computer from 3Gb to 40Gb on an older
Pentium II MMX machine. I have tried the different pin configs on the
new hard drive but non seems to work. In spite of this I did get as
far as formating the hard drive then I chickened out when partitioning
questions were asked. Although I got this far the bios was still
saying "none" for the primary master. Some people have said to upgrade
the bios. I have sent into a computer repairer they don't seem to know
what is going on. What are mu options? If thay cannot get it to
recognise the hard drive can I ask for a mother board upgrade or can I
install a HDD controller or am I throwing good money after bad. The
computer is used by my two young children for alphbet games and mostly
word processing running windows 2000.

Any comment would be appreciated.

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  1. Archived from groups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.storage (More info?)

    a bios update or controller card would give you the best perfomance .
    you could also use disk drive overlay software available from the
    drive manufacturer . my western digital drive came with a program
    called data lifeguard for windows . i used it to intall the ddo
    software and copy the contents of my old drive to the new . the other
    hdd makers have similar programs available for download .
    hope this helps,

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