Failed joystick detection

I tried to install a WINGMAN extreme digital 3d joystick last night and followed the instructions to first install the software and then plug the joystick into the USB port when prompted.

I did all this, but the software failed to detect the joystick. I tried again, this time with the joystick in the game port, and still no detection.

I then de-installed and re-installed the software and again tried the gameport. This time it worked.

Can anyone tell me why it failed to detect in the USB socket?

Also, does it matter performance wise which socket the joystick is plugged into?

Dan Rose
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  1. I'm kind of having the same problem with my Sidewinder Precision 2(USB). Sometimes it will be detected and other times it won't even show up in the control panel. I know it's not a defective joystick, because it works fine in my old computer.
    If anyone one has any idea what could be causing this problem, it would be greatly appreciated!

    My Specs are:
    1.4gig Athlon
    Asus A7M266 mobo
    Hercules Prophet 4500
    Hercules Game Theater XP
    US Robotics 56k modem
    40gig IBM Ultra ATA100 harddrive
    Sony 52X CDROM
    430 watt Enermax powersupply
    256 meg Crucial DDR memory
    Windows 98SE
    latest AMD AGP drivers and VIA 3in1 drivers
    latest video and sound card drivers
    DirectX 8.0a
    usb patch for win98
  2. well my sidwinder steering wheel did the same thing i had to remove all software and drivers and then reinstalled cd then pluged in usb. I belive that a good clean install before pluging in was the key here
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