Looking for some security programs for Windo 7 64bit

Looking for some security programs for Windo 7 64 bit, most I can find or only for Windo 7 32 bit.
Thanks for any help given.
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    Comodo Internet Security, VIPRE Antivirus, Norton 2009 and 2010 just to name a few. There are lots of other firewalls and Antivirus apps out there that work under 64 bit Win7. Google and ye shall receive.
  2. Quality Anti-virus (Only choose 1 - do not install more than 1 anti-virus:

    Quality mal-ware programs (you can and should use more than 1):
    Spybot Search & Destroy
    Spyware Blaster

    Also, most 32 bit applications will run under a 64 bit OS.
  3. I'm using windows security essentials, you don't know its even there. Who can KNOW the OS better than them ?
  4. AVG FTW! thats what im using.

    Hey the best security is yourself. dont be stupid and download all kinds of stuff and stay away from ads and you should be fine.

    Been running AVG for about 5 years now and never had a virus. Never even needed it to tell you the truth. I just have it just in case! But I have a high-knowledge of computers.
  5. windows security essentials, defender and Bullguard, am I using.
    and a quick vipe of disk, if... got two compters, so have backup.
    digitalvivo is absolutely right, think before you do something, and your computer might survive.
    windows security essentials is actually very good, and can find them ALL.
    Defender is rather useless.
    Bylguard, well is an average virus-scanner.
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