Can't connect to internet with network card.

Hello. Im having a problem with my network card. Im a bit limited when it comes to computers so this may sound pretty simple to you guys.

Currently I connect to the internet using a broadband connection through a digital set top box. The cable is a standard ethernet cable I think and runs from the box through some kind of converter to go into a USB port in the back of my computer. However, I am under the impression that going through the USB will slow the connection down. Is this correct?

Basically I have a network card in my computer (which Im sure works properly as I have used it in a small network in my house). I want to remove the converter and attach the cable directly into the ethernet card. However, when I do this I lose my connection to the internet. Im sure something must be happening, as a green light comes on on the back of the network card. What am I doing wrong? It is possible to connect to the internet using an ethernet connection rather than a USB isn't it? Do I have something I need to set up in windows?

If it helps Im running Windows XP and my network card is listed in device manager as REALTEK RTL8029(AS)-based ethernet adapter (Generic).

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  1. you might have to repower the cable modem and reboot the PC. If that doesn't work post back here.

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  2. Well, in order to have a ome network, I'm sure you've got a Router or a Switch/Hub right? Well, you've got to pass the cable coming from the DSL modem through the first port of that Router or Switch/Hub in order to wire-it-up right. The green light in the back is simply indicating the active connection, don't worry. And the USB DSL connection is just as fast, actually USB transfers are up to 40mb per second for USB1.1, way faster than "high speed" or even"ultra high speed" internet connections.

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  3. Thanks for the replies. Ive tried restarting the set top box but had no luck. Im not sure about the hub/router thing; Im not trying to create a network in my house - just have one PC connected to the internet through the network card. Not sure if that makes any difference.
  4. I doubt it (because you said you have green lights), but you may need a crossover cable

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  5. Hmmm I dont think so. There is actually a crossover converter that comes with the cable and plugs into the set top box end. So technically the cable is already a crossover cable I guess. However, the manual dosn't state anything about removing the converter if you use an ethernet port in the PC.
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