Windows 7 startup problems- IN NEED OF HELP

Hi guys, I have had this problem for quite a while now and have just left it. I did post a question asking for help on it before but got no replys and am still no closer to finding out what to do.

Anyway my problem is that windows 7 is starting up really slowly- My PC isn't exactly weak either:
amd x4 955@ stock 3.2ghz
gtx 470 graphics card
4gb ddr3 1333mhz ram

So as you can see it should not boot slowly. Here is a more detailed description of what happens: I start up my pc and just before the login screen I get a black screen and just the cursor with a loading symbol for a couple of seconds, then when it reaches the login screen I login and the welcome screen takes ages to load then it finally comes to windows 7. When I'm actually in my icons do not appear straight away for some reason and the windows 7 network manager icon locks up and stays on the connecting icon (the image is stationary and frozen and the animation does not show).After about 10 seconds the network manger unfreezes and the icons all slowly appear, after everything has started up I have no problems whatsoever.

I am completely stumped as to what to do. I have tried reinstalling the network driver and graphics driver but that didn't work so I have come to you guys for help.
Fast responses would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. What Antivirus software are you using. I had MSE (Mircosoft Security Essentials) on my desktop and it made problem after problem. My netbook is fine with it, but my Dell e510 doesnt seem to like Windows 7 (And MSE)...

    Go to Msconfig, then startup, and uncheck EVERYTHING. See if it boots any faster (If it does, add one by one to see which triggers the slow boot). How much of your hard drive is free?

    Have you ran a virus check? Have you updated? Are all your cables pushed in all the way?

    Try booting with only one stick of RAM to see if your RAM is defective....
  2. I am using AVG free and MBAM. I have tried disabling eveything running at startup and it makes no difference whatsoever. All the cables are plugged in correctly and I have ran a virus check and have no viruses. I also have scanned my RAM with the windows 7 memory test and found no problems. Also I am about 90% sure that it is a software issue as I had previously dual booted ubuntu with windows 7 and ubuntu never had the problem but windows 7 did, please note the problem happened before ubuntu was installed. Lastly I have plenty of hard drive space: 353gb free of 465gb.
  3. Try a windows repair... Boot with the windows disk, then click repair when it loads... See if that fixes anything (If it does decect a problem it could take up to several hours to fix, so it IS doing things even if it doesnt look like it)
  4. I don't currently have the windows 7 disk with me unfortunately so is there something else I can do? Also I just found that if I don't login straight away and stay at the login screen for about 20-30 seconds, when I login I do not get any of the problems.
  5. Strange....

    How old are the hard drives??
  6. I don't really like the application itself, but you could always try Soluto to know what takes time during boot. Uninstall it after as it also takes some resources.
  7. Also, have you benchmarked your HDD? How fragmented are your partitions?
  8. I wouldn't think a fragmentation would cause this bad of a startup problem... But a good idea anyways :).
  9. I regularly defrag my harddrive so I don't think it will be fragmentation. But I think i'll try that program you mentioned and see what I find. I will post if I have any luck.
  10. well I just enabled the guest account and logged in several times with that and it didn't have the problem!! But it did do something weird- it made the noise that windows makes when you plug something in- it made the noise twice. While it made this noise the icons changed to blank icons and then back to normal icons, but this only happened for 1 or 2 seconds though.

    Any ideas??? - am going to try soluto now as well.

    EDIT: I may have fixed it for now, if it happens again I will let you guys know.
  11. hi
    there is your problom:

    matt101 said:
    I am using AVG free and MBAM.

    there is a problom with avg free on 7 X64 systems
    after one of the updates, AVG messes up the boot process

    I had the exact same problom, didnt know the workaround until I accidentally stumbled on this post

    happy to be of help
  12. hi
    there is your problom:

    matt101 said:
    I am using AVG free and MBAM.

    there is a problom with avg free on 7 X64 systems
    after one of the updates, AVG messes up the boot process

    I had the exact same problom, didnt know the workaround until I accidentally stumbled on this post

    happy to be of help
  13. Well it would appear the problem is not solved as it did it again several times today- although I did try uninstalling AVG and that gave the startup a speedboost, but I still got the freezing network manager icon and the icons kept disappearing until the network manager unfroze. So I am thinking that it is a multitude of applications causing the problem, but it is a weird problem because sometimes I don't get it at all. I am returning home today and will be able to try using the repair function on the windows 7 disk and hopefully that will fix the problem.

    Thanks for all your help so far.
  14. try disconnecting your network cable/wireless router from your PC and rebooting
    also try removing anything in system32 folder (all DLLs) starting with AVG, aparently AVG does not remove all its drivers from your PC when uninstalled
  15. After looking and trying all sorts of things I still have had no luck. I think the only option is to reformat, which is something I don't really want to do. I have found that my startup time is actually relatively normal, but the hanging on login seems rather odd. I think I'll just cope with it for now and if it really does become a serious problem I will reformat to fix it.

    Thanks for all your help guys, if you still think you have an idea on how to fix it please post still and I will try and see if your solution works.
  16. If you end up having to reformat, dont forget to try a repair first...
  17. Did you try Soluto to see what takes time?
  18. I did try soluto and disabling certain things did seem to make a difference but i couldn't be 100% sure because the problem doesn't always happen, so after disabling what I thought was causing the problem it happened again =(.

    Also you cannot repair windows 7, there is no option to repair windows 7 only the startup files themselves can be reapired which I did try and it found nothing wrong with them.
  19. Nope, that repair goes through the drivers and such, its fixed several USB driver issues, several audio driver issues, and a large scale video card driver issue. Any ways it goes through everything... If you clicked the right thing :).
  20. Also could try running a registry defrag...

    And clean out your registry with CCleaner, just make sure you do back it up.
  21. Did we ever try re installing your anti virus?
  22. Yes I have reinstalled my anti-virus and I also ran startup repair by restarting into the windows advanced boot options menu and selecting repair windows. The options that come up in repair windows are the same ones that come up when you boot from the disk to repair windows. I could use a registry cleaner I guess but it sounds a bit dangerous, I don't really want to risk breaking my computer even further :S.
  23. I was just thinking about my problem and then I remembered windows has the checkdisk tool, I have no idea what it solved but it seems to be working though. Although don't unsubscribe from the thread yet as it might just be another false fix because it doesn't happen all the time.... anyway.

    I'm restarting my computer now and will do several times to confirm the problem is fixed.

    EDIT: It happened again =(
  24. mmmm I really am kinda stumped on this one... Are your hard drives new?
  25. I have one western digital 500gb 7200rpm HDD and it is as new as all my parts- my whole computer was built about 2 months ago.

    EDIT: This my not help but if I wait 10 seconds at the login screen, when I login it goes at the speed it should and I do not get any of the problems.
  26. mmmm.... So you did a clean install of Windows... Have you manually installed any drivers? Or has windows taken care of all that?
  27. I manually installed the graphics card drivers and network drivers (the latest ones from the manufacturers websites) - have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both.
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