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I have a Compaq desktop that has Win XP Pro on it
and an integrated S3 8mb graphics card on the motherboard.
I am using this computer for a program called SongBase,
which is used for projecting song lyrics or presentations
(similar to power point). In single moniter mode, the
moniter and the screen show the same thing, but the
program has a dual moniter mode which allows for a sort
of "split screen" idea, which is useful for controls and
the like on the moniter, and the presentation on the
I plugged an old NVidia RIVA 128 into the AGP and
connected a second moniter to it (Windows did not
recognize the new graphics card, even when I searched for
new hardware), but when I rebooted the machine, my
primary moniter went to powersave mode, and the other
moniter showed nothing. So...
Is the NVidia bad or incompatible?
how do I install a second video card and use it
at the same time as the integrated video card? Is that
even possible?
are there settings I need to change?
Do I need a video card with two outputs instead?
Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions are appreciated.
I'm a little lost since I've never tried this before.

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.video (More info?)

    You need to enter the BIOS,advanced,select the agp card or other
    video device of choice.Usually the agp automatically disables the on-board
    video,a pci video card does not.
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