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Installing multiple operating systems.

i am running a computer with windows7 64 ultimate..

i am still playing some older games like starcraft..

starcraft seems to have a problem with 64 bit operating systems. and multiple cores.

so my solution to this would be to install in addition to windows7, a windows xp...

is this do-able?

i have a spare 80gb drive that i could do the instalation on..
i just dont know how to have it set up to give the the option of which os to boot from..
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  1. Try running it in compatibility mode.

    Right click on the shortcut -> properties -> compatibility mode.

    Let me know how that worked.
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    Also, you can dual boot with XP and windows 7. I use a program called Easy BCD, which lets you play with the boot options, you'll have to fiddle with it somewhat to get both to boot, but it's pretty easy to use. Install the drive for XP, install it, dl Easy BCD, install that, load it up and fix your boot options.<G>
  3. (tank) i have to use compatibility settings for xp sp3 inorder for it to work at all.
    starcraft support strictly says sc is not compatiable with windows vista/7.
    i also play alot of other old games like, mechwarrior, diablo1-2, and others..
    and these games often have a hard time with win7 also..

    ok so i have my win7 on a 500gb sata drive..
    i should first unplug the hdd.
    than plug in the spare 80gb drive that i will be installing win xp on.
    finish the installation and drivers ect..
    once i am done installing xp.
    i then reattach the sata connector for my 500gb (win7) and make it the default boot device..

    only then do i use Easy BCD on my windows 7 os. and try and set it up??

    i remember with xp and prior os it would give the option during boot to select which one..
    it that basically what easy bcd will do?
  4. Not all games play well in 64-bit os they are still mostly for 32-bit os but more are being ported over to work with 64-bit.

    Use the easybcd on the xp hd.
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