Indefinite blinking underscore when start up

Randomly my computer restarted itself today, and now when i boot up it goes from the M/B screen, to an indefinite blinking underscore with a black background.

I can't get into safe mode because it's not registering my F8 (supposively), and i've put in my Windows Recovery Disc but theirs no dates for the system restore to restore to, nor when i run system repair does it find any problems. Also, i have a backup that's about two weeks old on an external drive, but it's not detecting that i have my external drive even plugged in.

I am at a complete loss as to what to do, and after searching around all over the internet i haven't come up with any solutions or situations close enough to this one.

So with all of that said, *sighs*, suggestions?

Computer specs if it'd help any:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
ATi 5670 1gb
4 Gigs of RAM
Intel E7500 (Core 2 duo 2.93GHz)
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  1. Sounds like your master boot record is gone. Have you tried repairing from you windows install disc?
  2. I've checked out both the Windows Recovery Disc, and my Windows 7 Installation Disc.

    The Recovery Disc doesn't find anything wrong with my computer when i use the Startup Repair, and i have a system image on an external but the program won't detect it.

    The Installation Disc has nothing on there other than reinstalling Windows 7. Unless i'm missing something?

    Also to add i put in a AVG Rescue CD and let it do a full scan all throughout the night. In which it found roughly 400 viruses and deleted them, so with those all gone i'd figure my computer would be back to normal but nope, still can't load Windows.
  3. 400 viruses wow!!!! Double check and make sure you are booting to the correct drive in your BIOS.
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