SATA data male-male gender changer adapter ?

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All the SATA data cables I find have female connectors on both ends.

I need an SATA adapter or SATA cable with two male SATA connectors, such
as the one found on the back of an SATA hard drive. I don't care about
the power SATA connector.

Does anyone make/sell this ? I have been googling for a while to no avail.

For the curious, the application I need it for is the following :
I have an embedded systems - a Roland VS2400 recorder - with an internal
IDE controller. I want to add an external hard drive to it.

To this effect, I purchased :
1) an IDE hard drive
2) a drive enclosure which takes an IDE hard drive and converts it to
SATA and USB2. It has an SATA female connector, and a USB2 connector
(which I'm not using)
3) an SATA data cable, with two female connectors
4) an SATA bracket to mount on the case of the Roland recorder. This has
a male connector on the outside of the bracket, and a cable with a
female connector
5) an SATA to IDE converter [designed to connect an SATA HD to an IDE
6) A Nicklock to mount on the case of the Roland recorder, so I can
switch between the internal IDE HD of the Roland, and the one on the
SATA adapter. This is needed, as the Roland recorder firmware only
supports a single master IDE drive]

My problem is connecting 4 and 5 together.

The SATA to IDE converter is meant to be mounted on the back of an
actual SATA hard drive. The converter has a female SATA connector.

The SATA bracket has a male connector on the outside, which is
appropriate to connect to the data cable going to the external SATA HD
enclosure. But unfortunately the SATA cable from the cable going inside
has a female SATA connector - meant to go to a female connector on an
SATA controller . I can't add an actual SATA controller to the Roland
recorder, but the SATA to IDE converter is effectively a controller,
except it's got a female connector also.

So, I have two female SATA connectors I need to hook up ... I may have
to get a custom male-male SATA gender changer made, but I only need a
quantity of 1, and I'm afraid it will be prohibitvely expensive, if the
companies I contacted are willing to do it at all ...

I'm very anxious to get this to work, since I have had all the parts for
a month, except the SATA bracket which was backordered for a month, and
now I find out that it's got the wrong gender on one side.

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