How to reinstall windows explorer in windows 7

pls help me to how i get reinstall windows explorer back to my windows 7 in hp G-70 series PC
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  1. What do you mean by Windows Explorer? The Internet Explorer or what? Please give more details.
  2. Reformat/ Reload 7
  3. Click Start, Control panel, Programs, Turn WIndows features on or off, find IE and check the box.
  4. For windows explorer hit start, type explorer, and that should bring up the windows explorer. Right click the icon and pin to taskbar if you want.
  5. Does anyone read these questions before they reply? He needs to reinstall Windows Explorer--not Internet Explorer. And he needs to REINSTALL IT. It's not that he can't find it--it's GONE and he needs to reinstall.

    If anyone has an answer, I'd appreciate it as well because after I uninstalled "Better Explorer" I found that Windows Explorer wasn't working either, so there's no way to open files.
  6. If you can't run a search and find the file explorer.exe, you'll need to expand a fresh copy from your Windows 7 DVD. If you find it, right click and select Send to Desktop (Crete shortcut) so you can double click the shortcut and go straight into Windows Explorer. If that doesn't work, please start a new thread - this 2010 oldie is being closed now.
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