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Downloaded the demo version of this the other day, and I simply cannot stop playing it. It rules. When 2003 came out, I enjoyed it n'all, but it lacked some of the original beauty of the first. Seemed too slow, like not realistic movement when walking etc. And the taunting. I liked that, being able to taunt at the press of a button. If that feature was available in 2003, then I missed it.

2004 seems to combine the superior graphics of 2003, with all the qualities of the original. Even the good 'ole sniper rifle is back. Simply can't wait to buy this game. Anyone else tried the demo?

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  1. played it last weekend at a lan party, i hate laserbased games and im not fond of unrealT at all but UT2004 was a good laf, vehicles are lots of fun, and damn i love the rocket launcher :D still wouldnt buy it tho :D

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  2. I actually went ahead and pre-ordered the "Special Edition DVD" (whatever that means) which comes with a set of Logitech (I think) speaker-headphones. Hopefully they'll still be offering owners of UT2003 the rebate I heard rumors about.
  3. They're still offering it. You've got to chop up your boxes and send them the UPC codes and such and you'll get your rebate.

    I'm having alot of fun with the demo too. I was shocked to find out just how out of practice I was!
  4. the weapons are too slow, you have to lead a good second ahead of anyone to hit them, thats just stupid to me. the weapons on the vehicles are just weak, besides the large truck and the tank. the little buggy, the blades are cool, but the primary weapon is laughable. the two flying crafts weapons are useless. the only thing different about this game is the chain reaction thing and the convoy type play, and theyre both not that fun. i played for a while, it was cool, but a few days later i found myself playing for 10 min and getting bored.

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  5. Electronics Boutique is offering a $10 instant rebate bringing price to $29.99. Then offering a $20 EB mail in Voucher redeemable only at EB( go figure) And anyone owning 2K3 can trade in thier copy of 2k3 plus one other game for another $9.99 off making it a Free game.
  6. I can't seem to find time to download that moster demo, though hearing about the thing makes me want to do it. It's out this month though isn't it? I might as well wait for the real deal now. :smile:

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  7. It's out supposedly on Tuesday, March 16.
  8. if you dont want to wait for it, download it while your sleeping. But then again 2k4 demo only took me about 30 minutes give or take

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  9. Heh, I once knew someone who was going to name his band Stinkfinger.
  10. LMFAO. Thats My UT player name for the past 3 years or so

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  11. This was back in 1993. He never followed through with it.
  12. i used to know a guy who played for a band called THE BARKIN STARFISH. Maybe they knew each other.

    Uh oh, better watch the spam, lol

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  13. Welp, I ended up downloading it from nvidia.
    I'll definately buy the thing when it's released. Great game.

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  14. I don't think the weapons are slow... it almost seems like they are trying to creat an environment where velocity actually matters. No more insta-hits, you have to time your shots similar to the real world.

    I'm not super keen on it, but it does bring a bit of challenge to the game. I'll tolerate it for now.
  15. Performance seems better than I expected with my old hardware. With all LOD at max (but no AA or AF), 1024x768, I'm getting 30-40 FPS (using FRAPS).

    In the benchmarks I get 25 FPS in Assault and 42 FPS in the Flyby, both at 1024 x 768. Nothing to write home about but not too shabby with a Radeon 8500 (294/640), TBred @2.1 Ghz (15 x 140), and SDRAM. Player audio is pretty impressive considering I have a dial-up connection. (Wish I had a headset to test). Dial-up Lag keeps me from being anything but nice fat target to shoot at. (It's an excuse for my awful play, LOL). However the game looks great!

    In case, you don't know this is how toactivate the benchmarks. Create shortcut for UT2004. Edit the taget string and add the following switches.

    <font color=red>-benchmark -ini=UT2004.ini -1024x768 -seconds=10 -exec=demo_assault.txt</font color=red>

    for the Flyby use

    <font color=red>-benchmark -ini=UT2004.ini -1024x768 -seconds=10 -exec=demo_flyby.txt</font color=red>

    If you want to benchmark without sound just add this switch

    <font color=red>-nosound</font color=red>

    Choose whatever display resolution you want.

    Press ~ to go to the console. Your score will be displayed.

    Assault and Flyby are the only benchmarks that came with UT2004 Demo. Unfortunately, both benchmarks use their own IQ settings which are sort of mid-high. I tried to override with my own settings at MAX but it didn't work. You can see which setting were chosen in the game options. At least your own settings get restored when you next run the game.

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  16. Sweeeeet, I bought it at lunch. Watching the clock now.... :smile: Hoping my buddy buys it today, so I can frag his azz tonight......

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