Win7 detects HD problem on second drive now.

I just upgraded from XP to 7, and other then a few issues, it seemed to go fairly well. There's one thing that keeps popping up that I can't quite figure out. Immediately after installing 7, I began getting the Windows message saying "Windows detected a hard disk problem" and gives me the option to back up the drive. The drive in question is the second drive, which I have partitioned into drives L: and M: I really wonder if there's a problem with this drive or some weird Win7 quirk. Anybody have anything like this happen, or have any tips?

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    This message is a result of the hard drive's SMART status failing one of the reports. Whether the drive is actually failing is another matter (as ironically, SMART is actually quite dumb on occasion), but it's best not to challenge the report. Move any data you can't afford to lose, off the failing drive and store it somewhere else.
  2. Yeah, I kind of thought it might be a SMART issue. Kind of stinks because it's a big drive. I guess, as you suggest, I just need to make sure there is no "critical" data on that drive.
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