Windows 7 black screen on boot up

I have windows 7 ultimate sp1 installed on bootcamp partition on my mac mini 2011 (i7, SSD, 16GB). All was fine, but ever since running norton antivirus with auto shutdown after full virus scan, when I boot up into windows, all I get is a black screen.
I have checked in Disk utility, verified the bootcamp partition and it states disc is mounted and that no repair thereto is required.
Can someone help?
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  1. Does it eventually get to the desktop, or just stay at the black screen? My install of Bootcamp has done this to me in the past a few times, and the only remedy I found was to wipe it and start fresh. I wouldn't touch Norton again though, that is an absolutely horrid security program. Take a look at Avast antivirus and Zonealarm firewall, both are free and i had them running on all my machines forever without any problem.
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