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I'm having the same problem with the same printer. If you find an answer could you please let me know? My email is
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  1. Same problem as? I think you left out a few details.
  2. Hi,
    I thought I was adding to a thread. Never mind. The problem I have is that I get the old error 0x0000000d when I try to connect to my Kodak ESP3250 on my home network. The printer is connected to my PC by USB and the PC is connected to the wireless hub by LAN. The printer works fine from the PC, but I cannot connect from my Dell Studio 1735. It shows up in my network and printers and devices windows, just won't connect when asked to do so. I've tried at least 4 different fixes posted on the Microsoft site, to no avail. Any help will be gratefully accepted.
    Bill Clement
  3. Few things to try, which you may have. Is the printer shared, and did you set up the share rights? For testing you can put rights for "Everyone". Try turning off the firewall on the computers.
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