Diskeeper does not recognize my partition

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Diskeeper, the defrag application from Executive Software, does not
recognize several partitions. The situation continues to elude me
since no pattern exist. Windows XP's disk management and Windows
Explorer access these partitions; thus the logical drives show up
under Windows XP.

The situation became a concern when additional idiosyncrasies
appeared. Adobe Type Manager does maintain links to activated fonts on
these partitions. This occurrence may be completely unrelated, yet I
need to begin getting some feedback. This post serves as a starting
point. Please let me know if you have any insight on my situation.

Windows XP SP2
Diskeeper Enterprise version 9.0
Adobe Type Manager 4.1
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  1. Archived from groups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.storage (More info?)

    I resolved my situation in a rather simple matter, which is often
    overlooked. Here is the story behind my resolution. Basically, I
    decided to perform a clean install; just because it was long over due.
    In my experience, complete re-install have led me to resolve the
    situation. After the re-install, Diskeeper and ATM continued having
    the same idiosyncrasies, which led me to complete frustration. But I
    pressed forward re-configuring my system, which led me to setting up
    drive sharing and NTFS permission for my Network. Bam!

    Here laid the issue. The system did not have full access to the files
    and folders under certain drives. I quickly compared the security and
    permissions of the newly formatted drive and aligned the other drives
    with similar permissions.

    Diskeeper now shows the logical drive on the extended partitions. Now,
    ATM retains links to the fonts on the same partition. The situation
    was simple even though nobody even came close on any of my forum
    replies. I hope my situation helps someone in future troubleshoot
    similar situations. The conclusion remains that security, shares, and
    permission may complicate the way your system and its applications
    access files and folders. At some point, someone altered the
    permissions of these NTFS drives and I was unaware or did not recall
    the changes. You have to grant SYSTEM, CREATOR, and Administrator
    permissions to your drives.
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