Pentax Optio 430 problem

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After turn on my Optio 430 immediately shuts down again after the lens has
come out fully and the camera made a strange noise. The Pentax service
organisation thinks it is the zoom mechanism and if that is the case, they
are willing to repair it for just over 200euro. I am still in doubt whether
to have it repaired or to buy a new one.
Has anyone had the same problem? Experience with repair?

Any comment would be appreciated.

Best regards, Gerhard
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  1. take away the cover from the display side. next to lower right corner of the display you'll see the the small motor and the plastic gear on its axe. turn this axe of this motor clockwise (or counterclockwise, don't remember now) until you feel it stops. The diameter of that gear was 2mm and it was white. Turn on the camera, it should work, if not then rotate that axe in different direction and turn on the camera again. It looks like that this problem occurs if you turn on the camera with battery depleted. Even if you recharge battery the problem persists and you’ll have to do what I described above.
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