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Hi guys. My friend (in UK) recently asked me to help him find good online shopping in UK. Does anyone know any good ones.

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  1. For over clocking stuff try
    For general stuff try
    I've used both and they both did the business
    Hope this is some help
  2. a good place to try is - prices are a fraction above rock bottom , but the backup service is good, and they give good advice.

    Do unto others before they do unto you...
  3. You’ve obviously never had to take any thing back to Scan. Their returns department leaves a lot to be desired. I won’t buy from them again.
  4. and are good online stores...just make sure you know what you are ordering, and that when it arrives you know it will work..thiis will save you from any returns hassle and cost. A good place in europe, which will of course ship to UK, is are cheaper than UK, you should check them out too.

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