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March 20, 2001 7:02:42 PM

Ok, there is already a couple Compaq threads going on, and I decided that I would start my own :)  Here is my story, just the facts first:

1) January '99 my gf bought a computer.
2) January '99 the power supply fails, two weeks later it is finally replaced with a rocking 165 watt one.
3) August '00, unable to get into bios to disable power on password.
4) September '00, the thing finally craps out, from what I can figure out something on the motherboard went bad (saying that it held the soundcard, modem, NIC, video, ide controllers, the kitchen sink) something was bound to go out.
5. I call Compaq, her warranty has experied in July. They offer no tech support, but will for $$. I laugh and click off the phone.
6. Early October '00 I salvage what I can (hard drive, CD-ROM, monitor, keyboard, mouse, RAM, floppy) and build a new computer. I am unable to use the case because they decided to use AT when ATX was the standard. Oh well, two tears.
7. Novemeber '00 her monitor is slowly dying (she refuses to buy a new one...I don't know how she can stand it with the screwy refreshing and wacked out gamma).
8. Late November '00, her hard drive fails (it was a great 4400 RPM (I think) Quantum Bigfoot TX, the thing was 5 1/4", now when was the last time you saw a 5 1/4" hard drive???
9. March '01 Her floppy drive has never worked right, replaced with a pullout from an old computer.

Facts done... now my opinion.
Compaq does build a decent machine for a cheap price if you NEVER want to upgrade ANYTHING. Your machine is good while it is under warranty.

Ok, that is enough of me being seems WAY to convenient that suddenly after the warranty expires components start to fail. Hmmm...what a coincidence! It just seems way too convenient to sell replacement parts when you computer fails, after all all the components are conviently labeled "REPLACE WITH COMPAQ PART XXXXX". Now that is forward thinking!

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March 22, 2001 3:31:51 PM

Which model does she have? The only part inside the computer that may actually be made by Compaq is the mother board all of the other components are made by different companies. Also, it was your decision to not purchase an extended warranty, like all mechanical devices there is a possibility of failure at some point. Also, did you try to degauss the monitor??? Did she have a surge protector? Did you hit F10 to get into the BIOS??? Compaq hasn't used the bigfoot for at least 2 years...Maybe the system you had was hard to upgrade but the newer systems are easily upgradeable.

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March 23, 2001 4:30:29 AM

Ok hows this one. I owned a 1270 Presario laptop for 3 months. In that time the screen was replaced once, the battery and external power pack twice, and the internal voltage regulator once. My laptop was inservice for almost a month straight. The problem was that the battery would lose up to 30% of its battery in less then 12 hours with it turned off. It could be fully charged, plugged into the wall, and shut off. Unplug the external power and let the unit sit for 6-7 hours. In that time it would lose up to 30% of its battery. This was a Lithium-ion battery too so memory was not an issue. They were going to replace the motherboard too, but I worked for best buy at the time and talked to my GM. He let me exchange it. So thats why I do not like Compaq, my first, only, and last system from them. Another nice one, my friend has a compaq tower. Has an Ultra 66 port on its motherboard, a Ultra 66 harddrive, but a ultra 33 cable. This make any sense to anybody? Also Ultra 66 support was disabled in BIOS.

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April 4, 2001 9:33:29 PM

one time a cdrom on my old compaq died so I called them and asked for a new one. They said 2 weeks. 2 weeks later I called again. THey said 5 days. 5 days later they said backordered be there in 2 weeks. 2 weeks later they said two days. Two days later I received four cdroms. I sent the broken one back. We finally killed the last of the four last year. RIP

April 5, 2001 12:02:25 AM

This is great to see this forum filling up with anti-Compaq. Hopefully, people will see this and learn a bit more before they go out and spend their money on junk!

Small List of Proprietary Parts in current Compaq Machines:
-power supply
-floppy drive
-USB connections (some models)
-power button (!)
April 9, 2001 7:03:02 PM

floppy drives???? uh no....
power supply???? uh no....
motherboard????? bios only.... but many computer manufacturers use there own....
usb connections??? uh no.....
power button???? uh no....
I suggest readin up or cracking open a computer before you just start slamming....

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April 11, 2001 12:36:12 AM

the whole thing a pos??? uh yes


“Build your own you will love it more”
April 11, 2001 5:14:48 AM

Once again a genuine complaint by a person against Compaq, and who’s the first to post…you guessed it – A Compaq Employee paid to lurk around the message boards ZaNtHeR. Instead of lurking on these chat boards for Compaq, wouldn’t the time be better spent getting back to designing a computer that doesn’t suck???

Ps. By the way ZaNtHeR have you updated you Bio to reflect that you are paid employee of Compaq here to quash objections to your product?? No? Well you better hop to to <cheesy grin>

Lawson the very vigilant Compaq PR stalker :) 

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April 11, 2001 4:03:05 PM


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April 11, 2001 4:04:14 PM

Lawson I just want everyone to get their facts straight. Obviously, most people that bash have no clue about computers or Compaq.

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April 11, 2001 7:46:05 PM

Dude, how about YOU open up a computer before you start defending what it's got in it!
I owned a recent model Presario (5827) until recently when I raided it for parts that were still somewhat useful to other people.
Floppy drive?? Designed to fit in that case, and ONLY that case.
Powersupply??? Same thing! The fan is on the opposite side of that which is on STANDARD ATX power supply.
Motherboard?? Weird screw hole placement - would not fit properly in other cases. Plus, nothing is labeled.
USB connections?? Came on a stupid little cord that doesn't give us any CLUE how to hook it up to a different Mobo.
Power button?? The power button was on a stupid little board which included the power and IDE leds. The wires coming from this POS are near impossible to decipher, rendering the case useless if you want to put Non-Compaq mobo in it!!
I know you feel you have to defend who you work for, but it doesn't matter - just say, yeah I work for a company that sells garbage, but they pay my bills for now. End of story!
April 11, 2001 8:01:40 PM

Sounds like you are an ignorant person for not knowing what you were buying... You bought it, not me....No one with a clue would have purchased such a low end model!!!
Here are the specs...
Standard Features
Dimensions & Weights (H x W x D) • Unit: 19" x 8.38" x 20.9" (31 lbs.)
• Package: 24" x 14.95" x 23.6" (41 lbs.)
Processor • Intel® Celeron TM processor – 500 MHz

System Bus • 66 MHz system bus
System Memory • 96 MB 100 MHz SyncDRAM, shared memory architecture, two total DIMM slots upgradable to 256 MB – 8 MB dedicated for video memory (SyncDRAM DIMM required)
Hard Drive • 17.0 GB 1 UltraDMA hard drive
Modem • 56K ITU V.90 modem 4
Cache • 128KB integrated L2 Pipeline Burst Cache
CD-ROM Drive • 32X Max CD-ROM Drive 2
CD-RW Drive 3 Maximize your PC with the ultimate multifunction CD recorder.
• Use CD-R and CD-RW media for recording or rewriting capability
• Store up to 650 MB of data or up to 74 minutes of music
• 24X Max reading and 4X Max recording for creating CDs with maximum performance and flexibility
• Create CD-ROM discs quickly and easily with just!burn® software

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April 11, 2001 8:37:46 PM

For the record, smart ass, it was given to me OVER A YEAR AGO when the company I worked for bought some new work stations. What do the specs have to do with anything?

No wonder Compaq has to put such cheap components in their systems, when they are paying their employees (read: YOU!) to surf message boards all day!
April 11, 2001 9:55:59 PM

Cheers @ kvizbar
Go get'em mate!

Never be afraid to try new things. Remember, amateurs built the Ark - professionals made the Titanic
April 14, 2001 3:56:43 AM

What does the specs have to do with buying a computer... UH!!! Let me think about that one....hmmmm.... EVERYTHING!!!

<b><font color=blue>Perception is Reality!!!</b></font color=blue>
April 14, 2001 4:00:02 AM

Also, all floppy drives are standard 3.5 in.... so dunno what kind of case you were putting it into but doessn't sound like a standard ATX case....and why would you want to use that mobo... 66 mhz bus??? geez....Celeron chip...onboard audio and I wouldn't use it if you gave it to me....

<b><font color=blue>Perception is Reality!!!</b></font color=blue>
April 15, 2001 2:18:14 PM


This is this only kind of reply you deserve!
April 15, 2001 9:10:13 PM


but many computer manufacturers use there own....



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April 15, 2001 9:12:25 PM

I gues you missed his last post... HE DIDNT BUY IT DUMBASS

Time is never time at all. You can never ever leave, without leaving a piece of you.
April 17, 2001 2:53:51 AM

**Lawson hands ZaNtHeR a shovel to dig his grave a little deeper**

Maw haw haw haw haw

Never be afraid to try new things. Remember, amateurs built the Ark - professionals made the Titanic
April 17, 2001 4:44:46 PM


Your intelligence astounds me... I didn't know a slug had that kind of ability to name call....

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April 19, 2001 1:11:54 AM

Don't be dissing other slugs :wink:

From now on when someone asks you how fast your computer is, tell them your benchmark scores.
April 19, 2001 8:22:16 PM

Shame on you !
You´re not attending your family reunions!

If you did , you would know a lot of them!

P.S : I think i speak for 99.99% of the people in this
foruns ,when i say we are sick and tired of you defending
that BIG piece of crap that is COMPAQ!


Damn! No fun being limited to only 100 char signatures !!
August 16, 2001 5:47:14 PM

hey chump kaos... learn how to spell before you try to speak for all apes...

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August 16, 2001 6:12:24 PM

Yeah! Compaq rocks because people who don't use Compaq make spelling mistakes every once in a while! You tell him, Zanther :) 

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August 16, 2001 8:06:29 PM

I don´t see any mistakes!

<b><font color=red> Care for a BANANA , ASS_HOLE?</font color=red></b>

Btw, compared to some mispellings you often make i could pass for an English Citizen a lot better than you could!
And you are supposed to be American??
Maybe you should go back to school and do something usefull
with your time , instead of making a sorry ass of yourself!

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August 17, 2001 1:24:37 AM

Sighs @ ZaNtHeR.
You are such a looser, I'm starting to feel sorry for you.

You expect people to listen to your opinions after you flame all the old members on this board <shakes his head>

I vote that ZaNtHeR is put to Number#1 on "The List" (you guys know what I'm talking about *hehe*)

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August 17, 2001 9:36:11 AM

Compaq: Shows the power and mystique of the 90's. Great marketing can always make up for a shaky product. This almost always works when you try to woo the masses. Thank god most of us have more sense than that. Makes you wonder why he wastes so much of his time (aside from entertaining us) trying to convince us otherwise.
I guess he is trying to show compaq in the same light as the other companies with great marketing. Microsh*t, Nortel (ouch), etc...

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September 1, 2001 1:56:20 PM

my my my you lot make interesting reading. Zanther - yo earth to Zanther - woo hoo - nope he's a gonner

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October 16, 2001 10:40:43 PM

the problem is you do not understand that those things happen to the best computer's what you need to think about is the cost for what you have compairable to a gateway!!!!!!!
October 16, 2001 10:40:52 PM

the problem is you do not understand that those things happen to the best computer's what you need to think about is the cost for what you have compairable to a gateway!!!!!!!
October 16, 2001 11:53:19 PM

Bro, that's 7 months old. And please, don't take Zanther's place.

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October 24, 2001 2:24:01 PM

No one can take my place...

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October 25, 2001 5:22:50 PM


<font color=green>I post so you don't have to!
9/11 - RIP</font color=green>
October 31, 2001 6:43:19 AM

Good Lord!

This Thread is still going!!! Maw haw haw

Down with Compaq!

Compaq<font color=red>(n)</font color=red><font color=purple>Com/pac:</font color=purple> A lemon in a flash case
October 31, 2001 1:02:33 PM

Ok, here's my contribution: I tried to upgrade my fathers Compaq. He needed more RAM. Piece of cake, right? Buy SDRAM, plug it in... Windows din't boot anymore, while DOS worked fine. Too bad he only uses windows. My brother has an identical machine, so I tried it there. This one wouldn't boot at all. Back to the store, got a replacement. Same problems. Visited the Compaq site. Ah! They do sell RAM that is compatible with a Compaq. A bit (understatement of the year) more expensive than normal RAM, though.

This story does have a happy ending, though: we went to a different store, bought RAM, and that worked fine. It costed about 5 hours of my valuable time in total, though.
October 31, 2001 7:45:44 PM

Glad to hear it worked out Valean...

<b><font color=blue>Perception is Reality!!!</b></font color=blue>
October 31, 2001 10:01:43 PM

It's never ceased to amaze me how audacious manufacturers can be. They will sell the same RAM module for 300% its market price because *they* say it will work on their computer.

In this particular case, the problem was likely as much the memory as it was Compaq.

November 1, 2001 1:58:00 PM

In this case, well over 500% of the neighbourhood computer store's price, not to mention the dirt cheap store where I got my machine. On the mobo, there were solder points for a third SDRAM slot, but there was no slot. I mean, why didn't they just add the slot? Would make upgrading easier...
November 1, 2001 3:59:13 PM

I am an ex Scrappaq owner.

I tryed to download IE5.5 update of size about 6MB.The connection died at apr. 4MB.I tried again and again.I got always some 4MB,no moore.I of course checked all the modem settings and such,but Scrappaq refused to download longer then about 45 minutes(dialup).I was convinced that I had missed something and I contacted Scrappaq "Helpdesk".They told me it's an ISP problem(then I didn't know better).I called my ISP and they tryed to help me the best they could(several different modem init strings etc.),but of no help.
Finally I gave up and didn't trye to download anything bigger then 4MB.
Only after I had scrapped the Scrappaq I found out I wasn't alone whit this problem.The Scrappaq intelligently desided that the line was inactive because it was only downloading.Oh well.

Next time I'll tell you about the memory update.
November 25, 2001 11:22:11 PM

Well I hate proprietary parts any ways, but compaq and gate way have even worse! I got a 33.6 Voice modem in a presario I got a few years back befroe I started building my own rigs. Come to find out if you use this modem in another computer it will cause damage to the mother board!!! Same with gateway. I was replacing the CD-Rom for a gateway of my freinds. he got a CD burner. I installed it and nothing. So I install it in another computer.. Get a hardware error. So I get a normal CD-Rom and install it in the gateway. Nothing. Back to the regular computer Hardware error. Put the original CD-Rom back in the gate way and worked fine. Not only proprietary parts but parts that pretend to be standard and break things!! Thats ridiculous!

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June 16, 2003 6:54:16 AM

Compaq = crap so cheap even the Koreans will not buy it!!

“Build your own you will love it more”
June 16, 2003 7:22:45 AM

Compact PC is always expensive and not good for gaming. But their products like PDAs are quite good.
July 5, 2003 10:59:05 PM

So Compaq rocks huh Zanther...... well you must pony up with some of that crack you are smokin' cause it must be good stuff. I went over to a friends house one day back in 1999(I think) and he had a Crappaq Pesario something or another. He had onboard everything (of course) and it was one of those micro ATX (Compaq proprietary) boards. He wanted to install a 16MB Voodoo 2 PCI vidcard. So I rip open the case and bust out the manual. It says there is a jumper to disable onboard video. I move the jumble of wires around and..... nada. I look and look and look. Finally I figured out that the actual plastic jumper isn't there, just the pins for it. Oh great, now I had to go down and scrounge one out of my bin o' parts. I get back and I install both the card and jumper. Boot up the PC and You guessed it...... Nothing. It posts, but I can't see anything. So I says, okay I will pull said jumper and use both vidcards. Nope, noway, not havin that. So I tell the poor guy that I will buy that badboy off of him for his cost and tell him to save his dinero for me to build he a PC. I took home my new card and 3 days later he offloaded that Crappaq to some web surfing granny and paid me a good sum to build him a top o' the line PC (a PIII). I did so and he has never bought another pre-built since.

Things I noticed to be proprietary to Crappaq:

PSU had a wierd connector on it and the fan was on the other side.

The Floppy disk mounting holes were in the wrong spot for a normal case and it had to front on it cause of the type of Crappaq case.

The motherboard was of a make and model noone except compaq had any info on.

Just a computer junky
July 9, 2003 5:49:33 PM

Ummmm... you do realize that the Voodoo 2 card is a 3D add-on card only, right? It will NOT display your desktop or ANY 2D content. You have to use a VGA pass-thru cable from your current vid card into the Voodoo 2 card. Then out of the V2 into your monitor. If you disabled the onboard video... then that explains the problem. The Voodoo 2 has never been and never will be a standalone card.

Also, a few years ago, yes Compaq was proprietary. However, most of their newer Presario models (5000 series comes to mind) don't require Compaq parts. Want a new mobo? No problem... need a more powerful PS? Throw it in. You can't point to a computer more than 4 years old and say AH-HA! I was right!

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July 17, 2003 11:43:36 PM

ur right, my bad it was a VooDoo banshee card. It was a long time ago so I got it a little mixed up with an HP I did around the same time that I had a few problems with too.

Just a computer junky
August 15, 2003 11:40:34 PM

Sup Zanther!

Saw your posts here, and I just HAD to aquire an account so I could tell you, and all, my compaq tale. You tell me, once I am done, what you think of my "configuration".

This happened about 4 years ago. I worked at a bank that used only compaq. Compaq servers, desktops, raid arrays... Oh yeah, it was happenin' compaq big time.

So, on a fairly regular interval, the compaq servers would need a "redesign kit" to be implemented. We had the Big rack mount boys that were about 12 inches high. Anyhow, you would get this kit, and you basically had to gut the thing, then take the support rails outta the case, rearrange the supports with new parts, and put everything back. Now the hard disks would be on a different side, cooling airflow would be redirected all different, etc.

Now, you ask, why would they do that? Isnt that expensive? Why dont they engineer right before mass produce? Well... you know... cheapest QA dept in the world is, your customer base.

So here's my story-

I had this standup server that had a 8 disk raid array at a remote location. And, a fix it kit came in... turns out the backplane on the raid controller was a FIRE HAZARD. Well, how-dee! Thats enough to have the boss-man tell me to drop everything and go fix it. Fires, it seems, are not viewed favorably in the IT world. So, I go down to the remote office, complete with this new backplane. No big deal. Now this was about 8" by 6" and I would say over 1/8 inch thick. The extra thick PCB. Tough mother.

I start dismantling the server, back the hot swappable raid cage out, unplg the IDE(or whatever kind) cables off the back of it, swap out backplanes (very careful with ESD, thank you) and thats it. Start to put it back in and realize that the hot swap feature does not leave much room for the cables. See, the engineers designed for the airflow without condsidering the cables. At least, thats what it looks like to me. Maybe they had a cut in banana pay that year, who knows. (ooh ooh)

SO I finally trick the cables into falling the right way so the raid cage seats. Plug in all the hard disks again. And I power the server on.

Ready for the fun Zanther? You got your popcorn ready? This is, the good part here. Try to listen now. Turn off Pokemon for a minute. Good.

The server, within 1 second of power up, is POURING, no BELCHING forth THICK BLACK SMOKE. The thickest I have ever seen. This is no VW bus exhaust, this is maybe Vegas smoke, some sort of magic trick. Dark dark black. Woulda been funny except for one thing-

That was the FOULEST smell I have ever smelled. Burning PCB is the absolute worst. Stayed in my clothing, car and hands for a week.

So of course I shut that @&*(^$# thing off as fast as I could. Beat it to HD initialization so no data was lost. Thanks goodness for that. The cause, as determined by a very sheepish compaq engineer I personally spoke with later (which actually speaks to thier benefit that they spoke personally with me- then again, exposing people to FIRE with bad engineering, that may have been a legal dept call in terms of damage control). Anyhow, it was; a bad capacitor/layout problem combo on the backplane.

The kicker? They were having me replace the other one due to a POSSIBLE FIRE HAZARD. Too funny.

The backplane afterwards, the thick one, had a hole burned through it the size of a silver dollar. It was only on for maybe 2-4 seconds! Good god!

Yeah Zanther, explain how that was MY fault, and not compaqs brilliant engineering. And we all know that the servers get the better engineers too, which speaks very well for the PCs, dont it? Was it bad RAM? LOL.

And the name of the company that manufactured that board was on the board... can you guess who it was?


Theres your first hint.


PS- On the flp side- this is the funniest thing that I have ever seen in the sysadmin biz, and I do have compaq to thank for a great tale. Everyone enjoys that story. Thanks compaq! For that I am truly thankful. Good stuff.
August 19, 2003 7:19:10 PM

I'm sure any number of sys admins could tell you any number of horror stories about any number of manufacturers. The point? Could have easily been an IBM or HP server. Compaq engineers are certainly NOT the only ones to have performed technological boners.

The important issue is what do they do to fix it? Do they simply laugh and shrug you off or do they help you until the issue is resolved to your satisfaction? You aren't the first and you certainly won't be the last to receive a defective replacement part (Dell does this quite often).

What I'm asking is this: What did Compaq do about it?

<font color=red> If you design software that is fool-proof, only a fool will want to use it. </font color=red>
August 20, 2003 1:30:08 PM

An excellent point, Zoron. That's what will keep me from EVER buying a Canon printer or a Visioneer scanner in the future. Even the initial quality of an item doesn't mean a thing unless the manufacturer steps up to the plate on service and support.

Admittedly, there is no such thing as "Zero Defect". But if the manufacturer will take care of problems in a way that's timely and convenient to the customer, then that kind of thing can be allowed for.

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