Can't delete old System folder

I have upgraded from XP to Windows 7 Ultimate and have inherited a bulky " Windows.old.000 " folder containing all the old XP settings and access protected System files. This folder is huge ( approx 12 GB. It is useless and I'd like to get rid of it. I tried using the TAKEOWN and ICACL procedures on the CMD command. They go through on DOS, but when I try deleting the System32 folder on the Explorer, I keep getting a prompt that I need the Administrator's permission, even though I am the administrator and I have performed the appropriate TAKEOWN and" Grant administrators" procedure on the CMD prompt. All I can do is to delete the individual files , one by one. An extremely lengthy procedure. How can I delete the entire System32 folder in one shot, instead? Is it possible?

Thank you

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  1. Hello ittiandro;

    See if this Guide will help you out.

    OR try the file assassin in this free program!
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