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Alright, so my father was going to upgrade some components in his computer like his memory, optical drives and his hard drive which is on its last limb. He is running XP Pro on his old harddrive but can't find his disc to install it on the new harddrive. He wants to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium, and I know that you can get the system builders/oem versions that don't come with as hefty as a price tag which is what I got when I built my computer and everythings running great.

What I wanted to know is what is the difference really between the Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium for System Builders - OEM on persay, newegg and getting Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium which is about twice the price? I know it doesn't go through the windows tutorial and all that, but I was also wondering if he was having issues with windows could he call microsoft or would he be resposible for any issues with windows(not relating to simple stuff like trouble with installation)?

Also, since its not entirely a new build, he still has his old motherboard in his computer, could he use the system builders/oem version without any issues? I don't know if microsoft would have anything to say, I don't want to cause him any hassel or trouble to save a few bucks. And also lets say his motherboard bites the dust in 6 months, would he have any issues using the oem windows 7 if he had to replace that and possibly had to reinstall it on the original hard drive he installed it?

I hope someone can help, any I greatly appreciate any feedback anyone can provide... If anyone needs any clearification in reguards to what I just said please ask, sometimes I make so sence.

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  1. The oem copy is cheaper and you don't get support from Microsoft. I wouldn't worry about The motherboard dying in 6 months. If this does happen you can still install the copy on another board or PC. Some times you have to call the automated Microsoft activation center. It will ask how many computers this copy has been installed on Just say one and it will be fine.
  2. According to windows, if his motherboard dies he has to replace it with the same Make and Model or it will be considered a new machine.


    I read a review on Amazon that said that they replaced a broken HHD and that it would not let them reinstall, in the above link they talk about telling windows about a replacement of a Harddrive, video card, etc. but I have not found a link as to how yet.

    :hello: As the link states, you can replace everything but the motherboard with an OEM system build.
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