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Okay here's the deal. I went over to a friends house to connect his internet to a router to share it between 2 computers. It was working but then I did something that i forgot what it was (it might have been i typed in "ipconfig /released" for some stupid reason) and now it doesn't work. Neither computer can connect to Rogers when on the router. But it was working before I did something stupid. I tried deleting the network card hopefully it would reset itself and connect this time but no luck. Gave rogers a called and told me to take the power off the cable modem and router and wait awhile and then replug them back in. No luck. So not i'm fresh out of ideas and it still doesn't work.

If someone can help me out it would be great or any pointers too would be welcomed.

The router he was using was the SMC Barrcade 7004VBR with the operating system of Microsoft XP: Pro.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I am SURE you checked network ID so they have same WORKGROUP, so I won't even mention it.
    Good Luck

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  2. Well the problem is fixed now...after many toying around with it, its finally up and running.

    Thx to the ppl who tried to help.
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