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Hello,I am looking for a surge protector to control the power supply to my house. Can you recommend one ?
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  1. You are looking for a surge protector to your house or just to your pc. As for your house I am unaware of something that can control that amount of power like that, as for you PC I would go one of two routes.

    1. Get a surge protector that is decent, however sure protectors don't protect against everything. i.e. lighting, brown outs, power surges, power outages.....

    2. Get a PSU and that will do more than the surge protectiveness. It helps regulate that amount of power going into the PC. So if the power company sends a power surge for whatever reason the PSU will stop that. The surge protector i n post cases will not.

    Hope this helps.
  2. I would check the warranty, most surge protectors don't protect against lighting strikes because their is no way to be quick enough to stop the lighting. I know that it says it protects against lighting strikes on the product over view, but its in the warranty that counts.
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