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A search in Windows 8 settings yields a "Rename Device" result, but clicking on it only gives you a list of devices but no obvious way to change the name of a device. I want to rename a printer but can't do it. Any help? :(
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  1. go to

    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Devices and Printers

    select the printer and right click printer properties--not just properties

    click change properties then rename it and click ok

    worked fine on my epson sx445w
  2. Thank you! It worked. Still getting used to this Metro stuff. Your answer helped a lot.
  3. you are welcome

    not keen on windows 8 myself so far--but hey ho its the future so got to learn to use it

    i used pokki to put the start menu back--makes life easier till i get used to windows 8
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