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I have A Gateway GT5620 trple core processor running Windows 7 Ultmate Edition 64 bit version wired to Netgear router that runs fine.
My other Gateway GT5620 has vista 64 bit. I tried Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64 bit and the wireless router netgear 32bit PCI WG311 v3 card is not being recognized by windows 7. I tried to reinstall the card after installing Win 7 but it still does not recognize the card and I cannot get a connection to the router from windows 7. I have a dual boot option. One harddrive has Windows Vista, the other Windows 7: The Windows Vista drive can connect fine, but not the Win 7 disc. Ant suggestions?
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  1. Find the wireless card in Device Manager, choose Properties and let Windows 7 try and find a driver for it.
    Use the Start Menu, type Device Manager into the search box to start up Device Manager utility.

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