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I had an issue that required a recovery using the OS install DVD. When the recovery was complete, I noted that there wasn't a password required using my admin persona and I can't access admin privs.
In the control panel, I am still noted as an Admin but, in Local Security Policy Management, Admin access properties (disable/enable) are greyed out and "not applicable" is noted.
I tried a CMD access; my prompt language skills and access skills are very limited. I managed to find a way to get a successful admin access but have no idea of what I'm trying to achieve to gain control of my computer using that method...although I'm really interested in trying.
At this point would it simply be better to back-up my data, "0" the drive, and reinstall the OS?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated from those of you that are familiar with this described issue.

Best regards, Season's Best Wishes!
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  1. A big "Ah ha!".

    I went into the control panel and introduced a password change. I was not required to provide an old password. I noted that my persona was listed as an "Administrator". I rebooted.
    When the OS booted up, I noted the previously missing default "administrator" persona was next to mine which was still listed as an "administrator". I was not, however, able to log onto the default Admin account using the password I had previously set up. So I logged in on my own persona account.
    I went to the control panel and into user accounts. I went to manage accounts> change passwords> and, since it did not ask me for an old password, (and I'm guessing that this was because I was listed as an Administrator) I entered in a new PW for the default administrator account, and rebooted.
    Now things are back to being recognizable. I was able to manipulate some app config files to confirm things were back to normal.

    I'm still not sure why this happened in the first place. And I'm still contemplating a re-install of the OS sooner than later.

    Thank you in advance for those of you that have been looking for a solution to this.

    Regards, Ted
  2. Glad to hear your problem has been solved :D
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