Win7 keybord fail

Hello,my operation system is win7 ultimate now. but old system is vista . my notebook is packardbell easynote gn45. win7 drivers is not received. my toucpad and keyboard is passive...
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  1. Was that a question?
  2. Did the keyboard only stop working after you installed Windows 7? Does it work if you try to go into the BIOS or Safe Mode?

    You needed to check if your system has Win 7 drivers before you upgraded, you may not be able to use it.
  3. try reversing the polarity on the flux capacitor
  4. fowang said:
    try reversing the polarity on the flux capacitor

    Everyone knows this only works on laptops made in the last 10 years of the Hunn Dianasty in the outer rim planets, and only on Dell Intergalactic laptops.
  5. HAHAHA indeed
  6. Can't you just install the Vista drivers?
  7. Go to the Microsoft Windows 7 compatibiltiy website to see if your machine is supported under Win7.

    Windows 7 Compatibility here.
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