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I am having an issue with Windows 7.

When I put my computer to sleep, and then wake it up, no internet browser works for 90-120 seconds, sometimes more. Neither browser I've tried (FF and IE) will connect to any site.

I am using static IP config, and ping and Outlook both immediately start working right after the computer comes back up after sleeping. But, for whatever reason, browsing will not work for up to several minutes.

I've tried two different wireless adapters but haven't had a chance to try it wired yet. That's next.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Have you installed sp1?
  2. According to Windows I am completely up-to-date on all patches.
  3. interesting.
  4. Interesting, yes. Frustrating, most definitely. Will test a cable-based network connection tomorrow. So far its still doing it.
  5. how many network connections do you have in the registry.?
    when you move the mouse over your icon for internet does it say network connection 1 or 2 or 3....?
  6. The one I am using is #3 -- I have a gig-e onboard (disabled) and another wireless onboard (disabled) as well as two virtual adapters VMWare created when I installed it.
  7. i'm thinking configuration issue, your browsers are looking to go through another connection than it finally bounces around to opening on the correct connection.
    i have to research more..
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