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Laser printer with a minimum resolution of 600dpi. With UV Vellum. And the printer can print very opaque blacks. Inkjets dont work.

And be Low Cost too.
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  1. Um this is CPU section- what's your point about laser printers?

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  2. There IS a printers section. =)

    -MP Jesse

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  3. No kidding. But the thing is. There no people talking on there. Where here people talk all the time. Like you two morons
  4. well, calling peopple morons isnt going to get you answers to your problem now is it? Why dont you go and print out a book on manners and common decency, read it, then post back.

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  5. If no one posts in the lazer printer section, try a different hardware site, there are different sections for a reason you know.

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  6. Hey dude,

    You are in the wrong place and no one can understand you.

    You may have to edit your post once or even a few times.
  7. Atol, being the only one here with who has owned an AMD Athlon system way back in 1994 during the Northridge quake, would you say that you have aquired a special gift of: AMD Puppy Giberish Speak?

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  8. AMDMELTDOWN, what is "AMD Puppy Giberish Speak"?

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  9. Thanks for the compliment.

    -MP Jesse

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