RSS Feed Gadget: worthless, or am I just doing it wrong?

So I just now started using the RSS Feed gadget that comes with Windows 7. Of course the supplied Feeds are worthless anyway, so I added in a few.

I thought that if I created a new feeds folder and stuck the feeds all under it, they would all just show up in a giant list. No go. Instead, I just get the first feed: Engadget.

Anyone know how to get it to show multiple feeds at once, without having to select "all feeds?" Also, how do I remove feeds from the menu that I don't want anymore?
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  1. I have this problem too! Sorry to disappoint you for not having an answer, but I thought I was doing this all wrong also... and so far I can't find any solution for it.
  2. Works for me. I created a new folder in IE Favourites/Feeds (had to create it as a subfolder of an existing folder and then drag it to the top level, but never mind). Added three feeds to "New Folder". Select "New Folder" in the gadget options and headlines from all 3 feeds appear (although, for some reason, it took a few minutes for them all to show up).

    Update - changed the selection then changed it back again to the new folder. Now only one feed shows. Definitely a bit flakey.

    Update2 - and now they're all back again. Seems it just takes a while for all the feeds to show.
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