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Display Problem

Last response: in Windows XP
August 4, 2004 8:05:41 PM

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Hi Group -

Here's my complicated scenario:

Windows XP Home edition has been functioning fine for
almost 2 years.

My anti-virus software and spyware blockers are all
updated and have been run without finding a problem. I
have downloaded and installed all the XP updates.

About a month ago, every time I rebooted, the display
pixels changed from 800x600 to 640x480. I was able to go
into the Control Panel and reset them to 800x600 and they
remained fine until I rebooted and then the scenario
repeated. That was until yesterday..............

Yesterday, when I reboot, the display appears to be even
larger than 640 x480. When I go into the Control Panel,
it says it is 640x480, but again, it looks larger. Now,
however, if I reset it to 800x600, the desk top becomes
800x600, BUT, the desk top becomes narrower by about 2
inches on each side. In other words, the icon become the
size, but the desk top shrinks in on both sides by about
two inches, leaving about 2 inches of black on each
side. The top to bottom remains correct.

I have reset the monitor to the original settings without

Out of sheer frustration, I reinstalled Win XP.
Interestingly, during the installation, the screen
appeared correct until the final reboot, when the problem
re-occurred. I am assuming that since the screen was
correct during the re-install, that it is a software
setting problem and not a hardware problem. Also, when
XP starts, I get the computer manufacturers logo in full
normal screen.

I removed the video driver and reinstalled the latest
version. Interestingly, it resolved back to being able
to change the settings in the control panel and have it
remain for the session until I rebooted. However, now it
is back to the later problem of narrowing of the desktop
from the sides.

Another observation is that since yesterday, Windows
Messenger, which normally always loads on start-up, seems
not to do so all the time. I have had manually start it,
and when I did, the display resized. I'm not sure if
there is a connection nor can I figure out how to
uninstall and reinstall Windows Messenger.

I'd appreciate additional suggestions that anyone might
be able to
offer as this has become quite frustrating.

Thanks you !

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August 13, 2004 4:23:00 AM

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this is also funny.

the explication is that monitor has differents frequency refresh 60HZ, 65HZ,
72Hz, 75hz, 85 hz ....200Hz ( hertz).

at same resolution ... let say 800x600 there are different positions and
sizes for desktop in corelation with refresh rate.

so, u should choose a resolution and refresh from display setting -
advanced - adapter - list all modes - apply.

then you corect image from monitor's buttons.

that should solve it.

if not contact me....