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Hello,i have a compound problem beginning with the inability to install certain things on my win 7 1st problem is win installer is missing,secondly my sound has disappeared and i cant get the drivers.ive been in the servive menus starting and stopping installer.ive run a registry repair tool.i have searched the web for 3 days and tried everything suggested to no may also be noted that i am unable to access system recovery.i am pretty upset with microsoft since my old vista junk has compromised my internal drive once before so im using 7 now and it is terrible.anybody want to try and tackle this?
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  1. Can you boot up in Safe Mode?

    Might be a good time to do a serious virus/Trojan/malware scan.
    AVG Rescue CD is a bootable CD that you can create which also has a AVG AV scanner.
    It allows you to run an AV scan while bypassing a possibly infected operating system.
  2. thank you for the suggestion.i already ran a maleware scan.but hey ill run norton too and how about superantispyware too and then ill come back.
  3. full norton scan over 500,000 items 5 minimal threats detected and dealt with has yielded no change.
  4. Did you start the scan while in Safe Mode?
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