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i am trying to find a solution to a system Windows installer service is missing.i have tried the numerous fixes posted on the net with no success.i am able to download but not install.error 1719.this i am certain,is related to the fact that i cannot access system recovery either.i also have lost all sound.the wild goose chase never ends.i have started and stopped and restarted the installer in my registry does not give me a WOW64 to modify.i have unregistered and file is the latest copy of widows installer.i have run a registry repair i am getting very suspicious of GREMLINS.PLEASE HELP.
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  1. Can you boot up in Safe Mode?

    Might be a good time to do a serious virus/Trojan/malware scan.
    AVG Rescue CD is a bootable CD that you can create which also has a AVG AV scanner.
    It allows you to run an AV scan while bypassing a possibly infected operating system.
  2. Sounds like you need to do a fresh install of Windows.

    Format the hard drive during install. But you will loose everything on the drive!

    If you don' t have a Windows install CD/DVD, time to get one!

    Recovery disk aren't all that great, but do work for "pre-built systems" like Dell and HP.
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  4. thanks but no thanks.not ready to dump this install.never a good solution to trash everything and start over before youve broken something really if windows pcs are this unreliable,how did they become the worlds favorite(VHS) duh?.my other half of 320gb hd was corrupted vista till i finally wiped the drive.i cant even use it to this day.i am playing with linux,but it doesnt handle dvds very well and blu rays not at all.but hey everything is free. i didnt tell everyone that despite the flaws i am still able to use this pc for backing up dvds and playing poker among other things.
  5. With that many suspicious incidents, try ruling out malware first. Run through the guide in my signature.
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