Extending a Cat5 cable.

Im going to be rearranging my room in a few days. I have my Xbox and PS2 online. I only have one Cat5 cable that I switch between the two. I need to extend it from where it is in my room. Getting a longer cable is out of the question because I all ready have the holes drilled and filled back in. Would a hub work by plugging it in to one side and running another out of the other side? I am going through a Linksys BEF-sr41 router with AT&T broad band. If anyone could tell me if that would work or another way to get it to work, would be great.
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  1. There is connector thats allow you to connect 2 Cat 5 cable together.
  2. Can I get one at Best Buy or Comp USA, or is it kind of a specialty item I need to get online? Thanks.
  3. if u use a hubor a switch u can leave both plugged in all the time. Then u can have a friend bring his ps2 or xbox over, hook up another tv and both of u can get online at the same time. or just get the female/female adapter and extend the one line which u should be able to get at best buy, compusa or any computer store.
  4. I bought a coupler from best buy to extend the cable.
  5. you can use a hub, you just have to plug one end of the existing cable into the uplink port

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
  6. Thanks a lot for the help.
  7. Hubs are so cheap these days, I'd say get one of those but a coupler will work just as well if you don't want to buy a hub.
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