My hdd dissapeared! please help!

I just installed windows 7 x64 and everything is working great but for some reason my second internal hdd is gone... Of course its still phisically still there and i didnt even open my case so i know there arnt any loose wires but after the install i went to "computer" and only one of my 2 hdd's is showing... I went to the device manager and its saying my raid controller didnt install drivers correctly... Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Mobo is msi k9a2 platinum
4gb ram
4870 1gb video card
amd x4 phenom


OH YEAH I opened the bios and i can see the hdd in there but it wont show up in my computer
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    you need to go into computer management and tell windows to format or partition the drive and assign a drive letter to it.

    If during installation of Vista or Windows 7 you dont format / partition all of your drives then windows only shows the ones it knows have been formatted
  2. Just remember to back up any data you have on that driver before reformatting since that deletes everything.
  4. +1 Sateg is correct.
  5. ohh crap i'm afraid i made matters worse! this morning i woke up and checked this forum and it had no answers yet so i thought ok im on my own... I went to the msi website and downloaded the new bios and drivers for my mobo... after the bios update it re-booted and said something wasnt done correctly... it then re-booted again and it displayed what looked like the windows vista boot/splash screen (you know the that line of green squares that go from left to right then it blue screen and went to a boot screen asking if i wanted to boot in low res mod, boot normal etc... i booted normal and windows 7 booted normal (here is the problem... now when i turn my comuter on it goes beep beep Deeeeeeep then comes on like normal when before it was just beep beep beep.

    Should I be worried about this new beep sequence? how do i fix my bios?

    I'm at work right now and will do the drive letter assignment like you all have suggested as soon as i get home but do i still need to install a "raid driver"? thats what its telling me i need!

    Again thanks guys I really appreciate all your help without it id be out of hundereds of dollars at the computer repair shops!
  6. Yes well done Sateg, no drive letter means it wont show in 'Computer', but the fact you can see its a healthy drive in Disk Management is a dead giveaway you shouldnt format!

    I wouldnt worry too much about the extra beep now as at least your system is still booting up, might be worth backing up any important files though.

    Was the BIOS update definatly the one for your board, not a slighlt different board?

    Can you apply the BIOS update again and see if it installs correctly. If it doesnt make a note of the entire error message and post it back here so people can take a look.
  7. well im pretty sure it was the right bios for my board... I downloaded this "live update" software for my board at the msi website and it scanned my board and said to install it so i did. I did exactly what you guys said to do and now my other drive is functioning perfectly! As for doing the bios update again... im not sure i wanna do that. I only did it the first time because i thought i had to to get my drive to show up. Now i just gotta try to figure out what kind of ram my board can take! Can anyone recommend a good site to learn all about ram, its speed its voltage and how to adjust the bios so it works properly?
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