Windows 7 detected a memory problem ?? how do I troubleshoot that ??

I have been having issue with my PC for quite some time. It crashes, and upon restart it often "forgets" stuff and has missing stuff so I have to constantly use the restore feature... untill finally that stops working. Then I clean install again... and start all over.

To date I have never been able to solve it. But I recently upgraded to windows 7 and it asked me to perform a memory test on restart. After the test it rebooted and said I have a memory problem.

That is all. lol.

Now I have 4 sticks of crucial ballistix overclocking memory in my mobo.. and the memory is speed rated much higher than the stock mobo runs it.

My biggest question is should I simple purchase 4 totally new sticks ??? and upgrade from 4gig to 8 gig ???

Or should I just replace the bad stick ???

and MOST IMPORTANT- How do I know which stick is bad?????

Is there a test program I can use to test my memory ???

Help me solve and trouble shoot this problem.

I am fed up with this and have a new SSD drive coming (vertex2 120gig)

So I plan a clean install on that of windows 7 64bit, and fixing this memory problem now is what I need to do all at the same time so I can enjoy crash free computing.

Happy Holidays to everyone (especially those who help me fix this!!!)
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  1. Memory testing can be a little time consuming. Yes there is a program called Mem86 that you can install (or burn on a bootable CD) and run. Keep just one stick in at a time and let the test run for an hour or two for EACH stick.

    Try to explain the "forgets stuff" issue a little bit better so we understand what is being forgotten upon every reboot.

    It may very well be possible that your RAM is not compatible with the motherboard. Please refer to your motherboard manual or call the RAM company to find this out.
  2. I ran the memtest and it failed the tests :(

    2-1GB 240-PIN UNBUFF DIMM 128MX64 DDR2 PC2-8500 CL5 W/LED EPP

    This is my ram.

    now I need to figure out how to tell which stick is bad
  3. Run one stick at a time, you'll see errors pretty quick...
  4. ^+1

    I already told you to run it with one stick at a time. Read.
  5. yup... thank you!

    My to do list
  6. I guess I did all that for nothing as crucial says the new replacement memory is slightly different than what I have... so I must replace it all..


  7. I am still waiting.. because they only sent 2 sticks.. I called customer service and the other two sticks are on the way...

    couple more days:(

    And my PC runs like turd on 2GB
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