May be a software question...but what are the reasons why a program will not sta

We need to have a program autostart on W7, but are having problems...hoping someone can advise.

The program shows up in the start-up menu, and the software has received a Comodo digital certificate. When you click on the program to run, it prompts you with a blue screen asking if you are sure you want to proceed (does show the company on the certificate). One thing that is interesting and may be linked is, when I look under System Configuration --> start up, under manufacturer it still shows "unknown". The other programs there created by Apple, Microsoft, etc. all start-up, do not show "unknown" under manufacturer, and never ask for permission. Coincidence?

Can someone please provide some ideas on what it could be and how to tell Windows that we permanently give it permission. Your help is immensely appreciated.
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  1. What program are you trying to autostart?
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