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I built a pc a few months ago and I now going from an MATX to ATX motherboard with SLI and two more stick of ram. So I have a bigger board an extra two sticks of ram and extra video card coming soon. All I want to know if I install windows 8 on this will I have to buy a new windows disc. I already installed it but Im putting new parts in by December and Im hoping my microsoft can except code. I heard the key is copied to the bios because of pirating.
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  1. Build it, try it. If it does not work, call Microsoft and tell them you had to replace your motherboard and they should give you a new key.

    I think windows 7 had a way for a OEM to put a BIOS passkey in. Windows itslelf did not. Problem ways pirates grabbed the key and put it in machine BIOS to get out of getting a license. I think Window 8 changed that method of validation for OEMS to require unique keys. I don't know if a upgrade would actually write a key to the BIOS on a general machine. Too many problems, upgrade your BIOS and you no longer have a windows 8 license? That would be bad. I would think a OEM would burn a ROM location with a key so it would not get wiped out later and would stay with the machine
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    If its an OEM key, then yes you will need to buy a new copy as the key does bind itself to the motherboard. If its the full retail edition, you can install to as many machines as you like (I think).
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