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I'd like to set up two separate Windows 7 installations on my computer. I don't know whether this is possible, I know I can set up a dual-boot environment with an older version of Windows or Ubuntu. I have an OEM version of Windows 7 - is it possible to have the computer prompt me for which drive to boot?
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  1. Hello TER-OR;
    Yes you can. Once you install your 2nd OS you'll see a Bootloader screen giving you an option which OS installation you want to run.
    Look for METHOD TWO; When Windows 7 is Installed First

    After creating a new partition in Step one, just install Win7 into that new partition

    If you want to change the boot order between versions or tweak how long it waits for you to choose an option use EasyBCD
  2. My Preference - If you have two HDDs
    Only have one HDD connected. - Load operating system on that drive4. Once installation completed, disconnect drive and connect 2nd drive. Install 2nd operating system. Once that operating system is install. Reconnect first HDD. In bios select which drive you will use the most as your Primary boot drive. When you want to switch operating systems, Select restart, during the post hit the key that ask you which drive to boot to and select the other HDD. Can also do this when first powering on.

    NO SOFTWARE boot manager to get hosed up and mess up both drives.

    Note Which ever drive you select to boot to will be drive C, excluding other partitions the other drive will be Drive D. Drive leters switch when switchin HDDs.

    Had my E6400 set up to triple boot this way - XP, Vista, and Win 7 RC (Since removed Win 7 RC.
  3. My own mutli-OS boot setup:
  4. Thanks, I've got a couple leads now. I used to do this kind of thing back in the old DOS days, but haven't really had the need in a newer Windows environment until now. It would beat building another rig, though that is a bunch of fun...
  5. That is exactly what I tried and was not expecting any issues with it!
    (win 7 on 2 hdd's, HP Elitebook 8460p)
    but when i have both drives in the system it do not properly shutdown or reboots. Black screen comes and stays for a very long time then blue (crash) screen comes for a fraction of a seciod and machien reboots. When there is only one of the HDD's connected, things work fine.
    Any clue?
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