Bizarre USB issue... please help!

Hey guys - You are always all so good to me, so naturally I came running back when I had a problem, haha...

So I recently realized in the last week that my USB ports are no longer picking up any external devices. However, my mouse and keyboard function fine. I have done some windows updates and but other than that, no changes to the system... (this problem has happened seemingly out of the blue)

For example:

ipod - when plugged in, it auto detects, makes the noise and is visible both in itunes and device manager...
It now sits quietly and is not picked up..
external hard drive - normally picked up in device manager makes the lil noise...
Now it powers up but I can't find it in any devices or in "My Computer"

I am very confused as my mouse and keyboard work fine, but no other USB slots are picking up anything, I even have a PCI card with 5 USB slots that is not picking up anything either. This is all out of the blue and extremely confused, seems like a windows update disabled it or something...
Please let me know any advice as I am extremely aggravated and not in the mood to format lol...

p.s. I've tried unplugging from the wall and rebooting to reset the mobo... no luck

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  1. Try reinstalling the chipset, as it will reset the USB controllers. You can find the chipset at the mobo manufacturer's support site or the PC manufacturer's support site.
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