CD boot: cannot from cd - code 5

firstly thanks to AsAnAtheis​t for his post on these forums with post.

until i tried booting from the disc i had burnt..

i get
CD boot: cannot from cd - code 5
NTLDR is missing.

from further reading i read that Wind 7 does not support certain chipsets so it does not recognise it as a bootable media.
can anyone confirm this?

if this is the case then im in the brown stuff.

i have the student discounted download version of win 7 64bit and currently have win xp home 32bit
so i cant run the upgrade in windows as i get the " this is not a valid win32 application"

any one else have the same issue or found an answer to this problem?
i have spent the last 2 days scouring the net and have over 20 browser tabs of various info non of which pin points my problem.
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  1. hey check this out...

    could this be your problem and maybe solution?
  2. well it certainly explains why i have been having no joy with this..

    not a solution but its given me some ammunition to fire at digitalriver...

    i need to be able to make a boot image my chipset will like. :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable:
  3. try using vlite to slipstream drivers for your computer into the ISO. Not sure if it will work with windows 7 because its made for vista, but worth a try.
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