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I have a Seagate 200GB external Firewire/USB hdd. I have it formatted
FAT32, with one big partition. I was installing Windows XP Pro on my
desktop and accidentally selected the Seagate drive instead of the
desktop's internal hdd for my installation partition, and Windows
setup had already modified the partition table. I did NOT format. I
have been looking for solutions, but have been able to find anything
free that works so far. I am, unfortunately, a college computer
science major without a job and therefore without the ability to pay
for software to help me out. This hard drive is extremely important to
me, as it is my backup drive and is too big to be backed up somewhere
else. Anybody know how I might be able to fix this?

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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    I suggest you use partition table doctor.It provides very useful
    functions: Backup partition table, Restore partition table, Rebuild
    partition table, undelete partition,Fixboot.

    see more:
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