Have legit XP 32 for new 64 system

I have a PC running a legit copy of Windows XP 32 bit and am building a new i5 750 system (can list everything if needed)

Realize i would have to take system down to 2 G memory in order to get XP to load

Can I use the XP I have and then just purchase the Windows 7 upgrade for 64 or do I have to get the entire new package ?

Would love to save myself $ 100.00 difference between the 2
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  1. Upgrading to Windows 7 is a bit of a minefield with loads of conditions attached. I'm sure there must be one that precludes going from 32 bit to 64 on a different hardware platform.

    You could always upgrade to 64 bit Ubuntu for considerably less money. :D
  2. For $99 U.S you can get Win7 Home Premium x64 OEM System Builders

    Ignore all the guff about designed for resale, you get to activate once over the net, if you reinstall, you can use the telephone activation method and just tell them you are reinstalling due to a crash, virus or other software based issue.
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    Update is for the current PC, not for a new one. If you kill your current PC, put that XP on the new maching (assuming it's not an OEM version), then you can run the update on the new system.

    If you don't care about support from MS, you can get an OEM Win 7 copy.
  4. Once I finish building new machine ----- the old one is going in the closet
    The XP copy has a legit key from when I bought it, so I can load it on new PC and then just upgrade it to Windows 7 64 bit
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